Re: one stop shop for sound level questions #draws #documentation #beta

Art - KC7SDA

factory resets are good, however most HT's don't need them as there is little audio adjustment aside from the volume control.

I guess what I'm after is more of to see how people are adjusting them an if there is a common range (high/low/median) that maybe we can come up with something closer that will work with 80% of rigs. I ran the settings at one point and while it received fine i got no audio out for tx until i changed some of the resistor settings (which I think was wrong, but I don't understand enough about the audio chip to make the call on the right and wrong way to set it up).

this will also help assess how much documentation is needed to prevent 'wrong' configurations (ie driving something way too hard when it doesn't need to be), and maybe to help people understand which slide (or value) changes what and why.

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