Re: Beta7 release announcement

Bernard f6bvp / ai7bg

By the way, I wrote a patch for direwolf 1.5-1.6 to give the choice of
channel for sending calibration test signal (option -x).
This may be useful for the default is only on channel 0 that is right
connector (HD15) on UDRC II which is not very convenient when you
prefere to use Din6 wiring for the radio set. With DRAW hat you may also
choose to send calibration signal for level adjustment either on channel
0 or channel 1.

Basil, if interested by this patch I wrote a Direwolf issue here :
Patch can be downloaded from file :


Le 13/01/2019 à 00:46, Basil Gunn a écrit :

Art - KC7SDA <@nouse4anick> writes:

semi random question: does this beta work with the original udrc 2? I
think I really really need to update it to the newest drivers and
I have tested the images with a UDRC II. Change /boot/config.txt
from: dtoverlay=draws
to: dtoverlay=udrc

Note *for a UDRC II* that the left & right connectors are swapped from a
DRAWS HAT ie. right connector(HD 15) is chan 0 & uses gpio 12 for PTT,
left connector (mDin6) is chan 1 & uses gpio 23


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