Re: GPS not working #gpsd #gps

Mike - KB0FX


Glad to hear everything is working for you now! As you have found, sometimes it is simpler to just start over with a fresh image on the Raspberry Pi. 


Mike - KB0FX

On Fri, Jan 18, 2019 at 10:27 AM oe8bck <christof.bodner@...> wrote:

Well, I finally decided to do a fresh install of the BETA7 with the external 12V-supply. The reason was the 3rd line in Mikes log, because there it's stated that there is a sound chip.

So I transfered the image to the SD-card and after following the "Getitng Started" instructions, I checked the status via bin/ And now there is stated that the audio card is found!
And gpsd is working, too!

Thanks a lot for all the support I got.

Lessons Learned: If you are using Raspberry Pi 3, you have to supply the system via the external 12V supply, otherwise you get strange behaviour!

73 de Christof

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