Re: #wsjtx PTT on Icom 718 #wsjtx #hamlib #icom #flrig #kx3

Bob Orrett <boborrett@...>

I use CAT control for PTT set up in the radio settings. Works perfectly so far. You need a 62c usb cable from the usb port on the RPI to the cat din at the back of the 817.
 I am assuming you are using the draws hat. But this also works with my minipro sc interface. Btw,  I use the cable from my minipro sc and not the supplied cables from the draws for the audio connection . The cable from my Wolphilink also works.
Bob ve3obo

On Jan 21, 2019 10:28, "Jonathan Magee" <jmagee@...> wrote:
I have just got my DRAWS setup and I am trying to run WSJTX but I was wondering how to set it up to activate the PTT on my IC718?
(I suspect it isn't supported just yet ) 

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