Re: #wsjtx PTT on Icom 718 #wsjtx #hamlib #icom #flrig #kx3

Jonathan Magee

Hi John,
Unfortunately the IC718 doesn't have PTT via CAT...
I think will have a look at the source code for hamlib to see if I can come up with a generic way for it to do the GPIO keying when it gets the relevant command as I think that should be with in my comfort zone.  The other method I was wondering about, is would it be possible to build an app that minics VOX. The app would "listen" for audio on the relevant device and set and unset the GPIO pin. (For this I would need to do a lot more research on google :-) 

Jonathan GI7KMC

On Mon, 21 Jan 2019 at 18:12, John D Hays - K7VE <john@...> wrote:
For applications like wsjtx, which haven't implemented native GPIO ptt keying, the best choice is CAT under hamlib, either directly in the application or through the FLRIG application.


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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