Re: #ax25 Getting It Started After Config #ax25

Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ


I followed the directions in Get Started.  I think I answered a prompt incorrectly regarding AX.25.

When I run ./ core now, I get the "Already ran" statement.

I get the same ax.25 status results as before.

So, how do I get ax25dev. service and ax25 - mheardd. service running?

73s, Ed, KD9FRQ

On 1/21/2019 5:16 PM, Basil Gunn wrote:
# Get the latest versions of scripts
cd n7nix
git pull

# Refresh the local bin directory
cd config

# Check you ax25 status
cd bin

# start direwolf & ax.25
sudo su

# Verify by checking status again

Did you follow these instructions?

Did you run: ./ core ?


Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ <> writes:

My radio and cable arrived. I missed something in the config script
for A25 setup. What do I need to do so the./ btest. sh - P udr0 finds
the DRAWS channel?

My results are:
Status for direwolf. service : RUNNING and ENABLED Status for ax25dev. service : NOT RUNNING and ENABLED Status for ax25dev. path : RUNNING and ENABLED Status for ax25 - mheardd. service : NOT RUNNING and ENABLED Status for ax25d. service : RUNNING and ENABLED

73s, Ed, KD9FRQ

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