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USB to CI-V cables tend to work directly on Linux appearing as /dev/ttyUSBx  (x being a number) -- no virtual port needed, then just send the CAT control down that cable.

I don't own or have access to a 718, so shooting a little blind on this.  I am referring to USB to CI-V cables that plug into the CI-V connector directly.  Connector 4 on the illustration of the IC-718 in the manual.  It refers to page 57

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Hello All:

There are USB-to-CI-V interface cables available which could connect to the 718 CI-V jack, but unsure whether the needed USB driver to create the virtual serial port is available for Linux/Pi. If so, than FLRIG can  do CAT control.  There are of course Windows USB drivers that are used today for this. I don't recall if WSJT-X supports the ICcom CI-V interface.


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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