Re: #ax25 Getting It Started After Config #ax25

Basil Gunn

Thanks for the files. kissattach is failing because one of the
parameters is not in the correct format. The defaults should work
so I need to determine which parameter kissattach is barfing on.

Could you please send the console output of the following commands:

journalctl -u ax25dev.service
head -n 20 /etc/ax25/ax25-upd

Do you recall what you entered when this prompt was displayed during
your initial configuration?

"If you do not understand or care about the following just hit enter for
default values"
"Enter ip address for AX.25 interface ax0 followed by [enter]"

When you can display some active ax25 sockets you can proceed with other
netstat --ax25


I don't have enough information yet to figure out what your problem is.

Please send me the contents of the following files:


and the output of

ax25-status -d


Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ <@KD9FRQ> writes:

Following up....

I have "no AX.25 ports defined" when running ./ -P udr0 as part
of the Test & Verification.

So I missed something.

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