Re: Enclosure

Brian Badger


Speaking of which, someone ordered my case design to be printed.  I will happily provide support for anyone who prints it or has it printed.  It is a beta design at this point and any feedback is appreciated.

Brian N0KZ

On Jan 23, 2019, at 10:02 AM, Keith M. McDonald <wreck_diver@...> wrote:

Andy, did any of the dimensioned drawings have Powerpole connectors?
I think Brian N0KZ did an exceptional job engineering the Powerpole connectors into the RPi3 DRAWS Case.  As soon as my DRAWS is delivered, I’ll install it in Brian’s case and upload the pictures.

I am hoping that there is sufficient interest in Powerpole connections for the portable and EMCOMM end user and that it becomes a NW Digital Radio case option.

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