Re: #wsjtx PTT on Icom 718 #wsjtx #hamlib #icom #flrig #kx3

Basil Gunn

Just an update to let you know on how I am getting on. I down loaded and
installed a null modem emulator driver for linux (tty0tty). In WSJTX I set
it to use RTS on a serial port for PTT and selected one of the null serial
ports. I then wrote a python script that connects to the other end of the
null modem emulator and monitors the CTS on the port and turns the relevant
GPIO pin on and off. This gives me a working system but I will need to
tidy the python code up a bit to include extras like a timeout timer etc to
make it safer to use. I am still thinking about modifying Ham Lib as at the
moment I have to remember to run a couple of programmes to get the PTT
Please go the next step and create a public github account (free) and
put your code in your repository. Also put any notes you have in a
markdown file (

/Basil N7NIX

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