Re: Beta 7 stability #draws #fldigi

Gayland Gump

Yep.  Haven't seen any evidence of a pattern or cause though.  It happen's sometimes when the system idles unattended and other times while I am using it.  My suspicion is either a memory leak somewhere in the software stack or heat.  Both of those just because I haven't any better ideas.


On Sat, Feb 2, 2019 at 8:17 AM Art - KC7SDA <nouse4anick@...> wrote:
So I worked winter field day this year, and overall I'm quite happy with the performance of the DRAWS setup...

however I did have a couple of system freezes and had to reboot a couple of times.

I was running FLDIGI (4.0.18), and my copy of fdlog_enhanced (, the same fdlog ran fine on 2 other computers (one linux and one windows).

has anyone else had issues with lockups?


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