Re: Beta 7 stability #draws #fldigi

Basil Gunn

If you have problems with your RPi freezing:

- upon the first boot capture your /var/log/syslog & /var/log/syslog.1 files and look for the
last entry before the first boot entry. ie. look for log entries before
a line that looks something like this:
Feb 1 10:56:05 drawstest kernel: [ 0.103179] vc-mem:
phys_addr:0x00000000 mem_base=0x3ec00000 mem_size:0x40000000(1024 MiB)

- try ssh from another computer to log in. If you can, then this tells
you the Window manager may have locked up. Now look at your syslog files
while the Window manager is currently unresponsive.

- On your other Linux computer run the 'arch' command to display the
machine architecture ie. x86_64 or armv7l. Saying that fdlog_enhanced
runs differently on a different Linux architecture provides useful

I am not running FLDigi for long periods of time but I have a couple of
packet gateways that run continuously with DRAWS with no problems.

/Basil n7nix

Art - KC7SDA <> writes:

So I worked winter field day this year, and overall I'm quite happy
with the performance of the DRAWS setup...

however I did have a couple of system freezes and had to reboot a couple of times.

I was running FLDIGI (4.0.18), and my copy of fdlog_enhanced
(, the same fdlog ran fine on 2
other computers (one linux and one windows).

has anyone else had issues with lockups?

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