the magic smoke

Art - KC7SDA

I do believe we accidently let the magic smoke out of a DRAWS board, one of the guys I've been helping was having issues getting a board to power up, when he brought it over we used the same setup as one other board and mine with no problems, then we plug this one in and it let out a puff and I noticed a crack on this component:

now, I looked at the schematic and I can't find where that is or what it is, its labeled as '807 lm', i think its the diode... Is it repairable or is it replacement time?

also, can I get some clarification: when looking at the power plug as in the picture is the right pin (with the square pad) positive? the picture in the DRAWS tech pdf shows the left as being positive and right as negative and the cable that came with the draws board is reversed.


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