Re: [compass] Top shows node and nmp applications consumming a lot of CPU %


Bonjour Bernard,

The node.js application is DRAWS™ Manager.  You can see it in a browser using the localhost or LAN IP address at port 8080.  E.g. http://localhost:8080  We are planning an instructional video shortly.  BTW, you may wish to get the latest updates to DRAWS™ Manager with:
cd /usr/local/var/draws-manager
sudo git pull

This utility is to help configure the DRAWS™ HAT using a browser rather than the command line alsamixer or other scripts.   In its current state, you need to run one of the N7NIX scripts to 'prime the pump', but then can make changes using the browser.

In beta-8, it is started by default upon boot.

To stop it:
sudo systemctl stop draws-manager
To disable it (prevent it from starting on next boot):
sudo systemctl disable draws-manager

As a reminder,  NW Digital Radio provides the beta images as a convenience to the operator.  We try to make them easy to load and use, but setup and configuration is the responsibility of the operator.  Each station's radio model and application mix is different and thus we cannot presume settings, but endeavor to provide general guidance on the setup of the DRAWS™ HAT as well as, as a courtesy, share our experience with various applications.

On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 5:56 AM f6bvp <f6bvp@...> wrote:
While running beta8 with DRAWS I had a look at top in order to see CPU occupancy.
I was noted two javascript applications : node and nmp are consuming an important % of CPU load.
I wonder why those applications are loaded by default and if they are indeed useful for direwolf APRS use ?


Bernard, f6bvp

John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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