Re: How do we setup dovecot and postfix to start at boot up?

Basil Gunn

Hi Julie,

So for Debian/Raspbian, for better or for worse, the preferred method of
starting init processes is systemd and not the SYS V init.d
method. I am pretty close to being finished with some scripts that start
up paclink-unix dovecot & postfix so that you can use mutt, claws-mail
or rainloop as email clients for Winlink messaging. I have used this
setup for a number of years so I'm just cleaning up some of the scripts
I use to configure everything.

If you are just wanting to setup a local imap server on the RPi without
Winlink functionality I can help you out as that is my normal email


Julie McGrew via Groups.Io <> writes:

I see the scripts for dovecot and postfix in /etc/init.d

I have tried: "sudo update-rc.d dovecot defaults"

No joy .... after a reboot and using: "service --status-all" they are still not running. They are easy to start and stop manually, but I'd like them to start automatically at boot-up. Any assistance greatly appreciated. :)


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