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Using the DRAWS hat, I have had good success with AX25 packet using a Kenwood V71, for example, running XASTIR, or sending and receiving winlink messages using PAT.

However, when I substitute my FT-817 for the V71, using the same cables for data and rig control, the DRAWS DIN-6 connection appears to "short" the audio from the FT-817 to ground. Disconnected from DRAWS I see the FT-817 signal strength meter indicate the presence of a received signal and the audio is heard on the radio's loudspeaker. I am also using an oscilloscope to monitor the signal on pin 5 (1200 baud) from the FT-817.

When connected to the DRAWS DIN-6, left or right, the audio is not heard  in the loudspeaker (though the radio's signal strength meter still indicates the presence of a received signal), and the signal shown on the oscilloscope goes to zero.

Thinking that this might be a loading issue with the FT-817, I changed the in-line resistor values from 10k to 40k as confirmed via alsa-show:

 ===== ALSA Controls for Radio Receive =====
ADC Level       L:[0.00dB]      R:[0.00dB]
IN1             L:[Off]         R:[Off]
IN2             L:[40 kOhm]     R:[40 kOhm

No change.

I have the FT-817 mode in PKT and PKT RATE set to 1200baud.

I would be most grateful for any suggestions.

John KM7LJ

On Sun, Dec 23, 2018 at 10:47 AM Basil Gunn <basil@...> wrote:

I've been staring at the FT-891 & 817 Yaesu manuals and discovered the
following for those 2 radios: (Warning I do not own either of these

You need to match your Yaeseu radio configuration settings with the ALSA
settings used to config DRAWS.


If your radio is set for DATA (PSK) operation use ALSA settings IN2_L &
IN2_R. Turn OFF IN1_L & IN1_L

If your radio is set for RTTY (FSK) operation use ALSA settings IN1_L &

See pages page 62-66 of manual FT-891_Advance_Manual_ENG_1806-F.pdf
Yaesu mDin6 pin 4 is labeled SHIFT, this is Discout on other radios.
Also see page 25 of manual FT-891_OM_ENG_EH065H201_1611A-BO-2.pdf

See page 41 FT-817ND_OM_ENG_E13771011.pdf

Different connections are used for 1200 & 9600 (AFOUT & DISCOUT)

ALSA settings
Use IN1_L IN1_R for 9600 baud (DISCOUT)
Use IN2_L IN2_R for 1200 baud or less (AFOUT)

Radio settings
Use Menu #40 (PKT RATE) to select DISCOUT or AFOUT
Also Menu #39 (PKT MIC) allows adjusting drive level.


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