Re: direwolf frame size #direwolf #ax25

Basil Gunn

Thanks for the files.

You are having a problem with Pat timeouts. I support paclink-unix as a
Linux Winlink client/transport and not Pat.

It looks like you have a pending message coming in and you successfully
sent your 144.8k picture of a Pactor modem and then the AX.25 socket
opened by Pat times out.

What I would do is simplify your problem by receiving your pending
message. You can do that by using your Winlink Web account.

Try transmitting your file again. If it still times out try transmitting
some smaller attached file. Also you might want to post this problem on
the Pat support forums.

I see you successfully connected to RMS Gateway K7GJT-10 which is not
configured to beacon to Winlink services, ie. I could not find it in the
Winlink packet RMS list. This gateway will eventually stop responding if
that isn't fixed.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

/Basil writes:

Attachment and console output sent to your personal address.

John KM7LJ

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