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Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ

Basil et al,

I goal is :

1) HF only setup that uses the DRAWS to two HF Rigs

2) paclink-unix e-mails and all WinLink forms (still need to learn how to access them) on one channel with auto-send and auto-receive every hour (opposite sides of the hour) using known, good RMS HF Gateway

3) FLDIGI and / or WSJT-X on the other channel & rig for concurrent ops on two HF freqs as needed

3) paclink-unix peer to peer as needed (exercise training mostly) provided propagation is good

4) Use Winmor and / or ARDOP protocol in paclink-unix so we do not have to purchase a PACTOR modem on
top of the DRAWS and Pi

I am building rack mounted station boxes with 12v LDC screens for the Pi with DRAWS.  One box is HF/50, the other VHF/UHF (2m & above).  Each box has solid power distribution capable of battery, AC, with solar backup for the battery.  VHF box will also include the PiGate Disaster Center e-mail station.


On 3/3/2019 10:48 AM, Basil Gunn wrote:
Ed Bloom, KD9FRQ <> writes:

As the ship dates draws near....I am starting to gather the needed stuff to handle two HF rigs.

I am at a loss to find the directions for running the ./app_config core for HF (if there is a difference) so
that I can run paclink-unix Winmor or ARDOP on on rig and FLDIGI /
WSJT-X on the other.
Can you please describe what you want to do in more detail.

Running direwolf/packet on one channel of the DRAWS card & HF on the
other channel has been proven to work. See documentation in this repo:

paclink-unix Winmor does not exist. Current paclink-unix supports
telnet, packet & pactor on SCS-PTC-IIpro.
I am working on ARDOP for paclink-unix and that will be available some
time in the future.

Do you want to use your Windows machine connected to direwolf on the
RPi/Draws box?

There are alot of different ways to configure your RPi/Draws box for
Winlink. See this doc for some use cases:

/Basil n7nix

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