Re: Betas #draws #setup #beta #image

Basil Gunn

Also provide the output of as I previously requested.
Without this output and what John requested I can't really comment on
your problem.

John D Hays - K7VE <> writes:

Provide your Xastir configuration information for the GPS connection
(screen shot?)

On Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 5:05 PM Rico Abagnale <> wrote:

Hi Basil,

That’s easy:
I’m running the latest beta. Somehow Xastir doesn’t get data from the gps.

/ Rico DG5BQ

Von meinem iPhone gesendet

Am 05.03.2019 um 01:13 schrieb Basil Gunn <>: writes:

I do have exactly the same issue. Could anyone help, please?
Need more context. Please describe the problem you are having in as much
detail as possible. Also paste the output of in the email.

/Basil n7nix

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