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Rico Abagnale, DG5BQ

Meanwhile I found out that there seems to be a problem between direwolf and gpsd.
When I tell direwolf to beacon with the position taken from gpsd and I read out 'systemctl status direwolf' it says that GPS has to be configured before.
Any Ideas?


Am 05.03.2019 um 02:18 schrieb John D Hays - K7VE <john@...>:
Provide your Xastir configuration information  for the GPS connection (screen shot?)

On Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 5:05 PM Rico Abagnale <rico@...> wrote:
Hi Basil,

That’s easy:
I’m running the latest beta. Somehow Xastir doesn’t get data from the gps. 

/ Rico DG5BQ 

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> Am 05.03.2019 um 01:13 schrieb Basil Gunn <basil@...>:
> rico@... writes:
>> I do have exactly the same issue. Could anyone help, please?
> Need more context. Please describe the problem you are having in as much
> detail as possible. Also paste the output of in the email.
> /Basil n7nix


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA

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