Re: Betas #draws #setup #beta #image

Basil Gunn

Hi Rico,

Thank you for sending the output to
Everything looks to be OK for the DRAWS hat.

I just configured a new instance of Xastir and find the same symptom as
you do. I have a call into one of the Xastir dev's to see if we can find
a solution to this problem.
I also configured a new instance of YAAC and gps works fine through the
gpsd tcp interface with this app.

To verify gps activity from the DRAWS hat you can run either of these
commands in a console.



Rico Abagnale <> writes:

Hello Basil,
here comes the output of It’s quite long…
After the listing you can find a screenshot of the settings for the GPS. I hope that’s what you meant.

Many thanks for your help…

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