Re: gpsd Running But No Satellite Info #gpsd #gps

Basil Gunn

Thank you for providing the output of

I have Beta 9 running for my DRAWS hat.
I don't think you are running the Beta9 image because the image version
is not being displayed from /var/log/udr_install.log file.

So far things are working fine with regard to operation. I'm using an
FT-8900 with the DIN 6 and able to successfully run "listen" and
transmit via Xastir, and AX.25 stuff. Yeah!

My problem is with the GPS and gpsd. The service seems to be running
fine, but there's nothing to suggest the gps antenna I got with the
package is picking anything up.
Run program 'cgps' and provide the numbers from 'Seen /Used' in top
right corner. ie. I see Seen 20/Used 9
Are you in a building with a metal roof?
Can you put your gps antenna close to a window.
Verify the gps antenna is tightly screwed onto the sma connector on the
DRAWS hat.

I've included my showurdc output and the strange looking gpsmon
Thanks for that.

I've disabled the bluetooth and recompiled ax.25 suggested in other
NOT required.

The strange gpsmon token output leaves me to believe I've no loaded something into the Rpi I need to.
The gps daemon loaded & is running OK.

Thanks in advance for your help and for producing such a great product! I'm really enjoying it!


/Basil n7nix

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