Re: gpsd Running But No Satellite Info #gpsd #gps

Tom General

Hello All,

I tried these two things last night.  I even hustled the DRAWS/Pi outside and placed the GPS in an open spot in my backyard.   

I ran cgps, gpsmon, and gpspipe.  They all queried gpsd and it responded with the metatag info which everyone says is normal.  I left gpsmon on for about an hour and tried cgps several times (it times out after a couple of minutes).  No changes.

Is there a way to directly test the antenna hardware?  As I've never seen one of these working normally I'm not sure what behavior I should see, excepting just waiting for the screen to come alive with new information.   

Also, the cgps never changes from this:

┌───────────────────────────────────────────┐┌──────────────────Seen  0/Used  0┐
│ Time:          n/a                        ││    PRN  Elev   Azim   SNR  Use  │
│ Latitude:      n/a                        ││                                 │
│ Longitude:     n/a                        ││                                 │
│ Altitude:      n/a                        ││                                 │
│ Speed:         n/a                        ││                                 │
│ Heading:         n/a                      ││                                 │
│ Climb:         n/a                        ││                                 │
│ Status:         NO FIX (2 secs)           ││                                 │
│ Long Err  (XDOP, EPX):  n/a ,  n/a        ││                                 │
│ Lat Err   (YDOP, EPY):  n/a ,  n/a        ││                                 │
│ Alt Err   (VDOP, EPV):  n/a ,  n/a        ││                                 │
│ 2D Err    (HDOP, CEP):  n/a ,  n/a        ││                                 │
│ 3D Err    (PDOP, SEP):  n/a ,  n/a        ││                                 │
│ Time Err  (TDOP):       n/a               ││                                 │
│ Geo Err   (GDOP):       n/a               ││                                 │
│ Speed Err (EPS):               n/a        ││                                 │
│ Head Err  (EPD):        n/a               ││                                 │
│ Time offset:            n/a               ││                                 │
│ Grid Square:            n/a               ││                                 │

1. What you are seeing when starting gpsmon is JSON that is coming from gpsd.  It looks right/normal.  If you want to see gps sentences, use the command gpspipe (man gpspipe)
2. Make sure the antenna has a clear view of the sky, and first startup is going to take some time for lock.  Once it has lock, it will store your position in it's memory (which stays as long as you have power applied and/or the battery installed (40 days backup, with power disconnected), and future boot ups will go much quicker.


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