Re: Draws image

John Amdor III

Could one chain the commands 'dd [options] && sync' so that upon successful completion of the dd command the sync command would automatically execute?

John K0MXL

On 3/31/19 9:32 AM, Douglas KI7LIK wrote:
Basil, would the sync follow on the same command line or another commNd line immediately after it's finished writing?
Granada Estates Neighborhood Watch
On Sat, Mar 30, 2019, 22:21 Basil Gunn < <>> wrote:
You most likely didn't do a 'sync' after the dd command.
Could you please ssh into your pi from another computer that has
email so you can
cut & paste the console output of your dd command and email it to us.
/Basil n7nix

> I was able to get it to write the image to the sd card.  When i
start the
> boot, it won't boot to login.
> The last line in the boot process is
> [    0.957101] ---[ end Kernel panic: not syncing: VFS:  Unable
to mount fs
> on unknown-block(179,2)

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