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Basil Gunn

Jeff Francis™ <> writes:

The update might be worth scripting for the less
technical users, ...
Why is there a BETA11 image?
Because js8call was updated from 1.0.0-rc3 to final 1.0.0 after BETA10
was uploaded and the package url location changed.

If you are already using BETA9 or BETA10 images should you download a new image?
To update to the latest files on BETA11 do the following:

# Get the program refresher script:
cd n7nix
git pull

# Run the program refresher script:
# The refresher script is in this directory ~/n7nix/bin/
cd bin

If a new version of FLdigi is to be installed the script will change the
swap file size and you will be asked to reboot. Upon reboot just run the script again.

This is what the output of the script looks like on an
up-to-date system:

cd ~/n7nix/bin
$ ./
Update scripts in n7nix directory
Already up-to-date.
Refresh local bin directory

FINISHED copying bin files

FINISHED copying AX.25 files
Update draws manager
Already up-to-date.
Update HF programs
Swap file size check: 100M
Update HF apps after checking version numbers.

js8call: current version: 1.0.0, installed: 1.0.0
version is current
wsjtx: current version: 2.0.1, installed: 2.0.1
version is current
Library: libflxmlrpc IS loaded.
flxmlrpc: current version: 0.1.4, installed: 0.1.4
version is current
fldigi: current version: 4.1.01, installed: 4.1.01
version is current
flrig: current version: 1.3.42, installed: 1.3.42
version is current
flmsg: current version: 4.0.8, installed: 4.0.8
version is current
flamp: current version: 2.2.04, installed: 2.2.04
version is current

2019 04 03 09:06:13 PDT: hf program update script FINISHED

2019 04 03 09:06:13 PDT: Program Refresh script FINISHED

/Basil n7nix

Jeff Francis™ <> writes:

That worked, thank you. The update might be worth scripting for the less
technical users, but had no errors. Do not yet have a radio wired up, just
received my Hat in the mail late Friday afternoon.


On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 10:55 AM Basil Gunn <> wrote:


Speaking of beta10, does an "apt-get dist-upgrade" get me to the same
as downloading and installing beta10?
In a perfect world yes, so NO.

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