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Let's stay on the subject of this topic.

Taxes and Politics don't belong here.  Two thoughts to keep in mind:
1. NW Digital Radio has received requests from time to time to falsify customs declarations to affect taxes and tariffs. It is company policy that we will not honor such requests.
2. If you feel there is additional information that would be helpful to our shipping department, include it in the comments section when placing an order.

We appreciate your business.

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Hi Don.

Amateur radio use is not exempt from taxes and duties. The Post Office has to collect both when they are the broker of your USA goods.

Mr Trump and the Mexicans have nothing to do with this. Your Prime Minister is the cause of the confusion. He has not brought the agreement in principle forward to be ratified by parliament.

I just went through this with the Draws myself, believing what I heard in the news that we could now shop online up to a certain new limit, bla bla bla. It is all just bla bla bla intended to distract western Canadians from the train wreck in Ottawa.

Just thought you might like to know.



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This sort of Sucks. I have to pay 30.00 CDN duty to receive the Draws. The custom declaration should have said Amateur Radio use. Unless President Trump and Mexico changed the rules and didn’t let as Canadian know.


Don va7dgp


John D. Hays



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