Audio Configuration Update


I changed a value in the to adjust the transmit value.

If you have installed Compass Linux and have Sound Card TX set to 1.0 (or 100 in GUI), please run this command again:

curl -L -s | sudo sh

The modem voltage to the DR-1X with wide FM should be approximately 1.0 volt peak to peak.  The value set by the script was below that at 760 mv.

If you see carrier but don't hear decoded AMBE audio on a later model Icom radio like the ID-5100A, this can be the problem (it has tighter tolerances than older radios).  If you want to test the voltage, measure (I use a DSO) the signal on Pin 6.  If you look at the UDRC mounted on a Raspberry Pi, orient it so that the Ethernet jack is 'up', right below it and to the left of the 15 PIN jack is an array of pads, in the right row, the 3rd one down is Pin 6.  I clip the ground to the shell of the USB jack.

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