Re: People receiving boards #draws #setup #draws-manager

Richard Waller <rewaller@...>

Thanks for the info. I will follow your suggestions. Rick.

On Apr 3, 2019, at 10:26 PM, Basil Gunn <> wrote:

I'm not sure what you are asking. fldigi is installed. You can run it
from the LXDE window manager main menu or you can run it from the console.

$ which fldigi

If you are looking for the source or package for the apps that are

$ ls /usr/local/src
direwolf-dev flamp-2.2.04 flmsg-4.0.8 flxmlrpc-0.1.4 hamlib-3.3 paclink-unix yaac
fbb-7.0.8-beta7 fldigi-4.1.01 flrig-1.3.42 gpsd-3.18.1 js8call_1.0.0_armhf.deb wsjtx_2.0.1_armhf.deb


Richard Waller via Groups.Io <> writes:

Basil, I’m looking at the files in the draws directory. Under hfapps I
see wsjt-x and two other folders I don’t recognize but no
fldigi. Rick. Ka4ohm
On Apr 3, 2019, at 8:54 PM, Basil Gunn <> wrote:

This is the link to a list of all the programs installed on the image:

FLdigi is definitely installed. If you need to install from a gui click
the raspberry icon in the top left corner, then click Internet, then
click fldigi.

Where exactly are you looking?


Richard Waller via Groups.Io <> writes:

Greetings John. I have installed the Draws image to my Rpi. I don’t
see fldigi listed under Hf programs. Is that correct? Rick Waller

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