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Thanks guys. I found fldigi under internet. Rick Ka4ohm 

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Thanks for the explanation. Maybe a pointer or a visual added to the documentation will prevent the confusion of folks new to the setup.


I have had some “Ham” programs automagically install themselves in “Audio” (JS8Call and wsjt-x along with the Message Aggregator) or in “Internet” as I previously noted, or in a dedicated ham radio/communications menu category.


Since Compass/Stretch is udrc and DRAWS/radio oriented, putting Xastir, YACC, and the ax-25 “pacLink/Winlink-oid” handlers in “Internet” makes sense. But putting fldigi suite and wsjt-x into “Sound” seems a little less intuitive to me… basically all this stuff are sound card applications at heart.


Easy enough to sort this out myself by mucking around in the configuration and editing the .desktop files, but not all DRAWS users will be comfortable doing that until they have more experience with the OS.


Again, thanks for your comments about this!



Jack Spitznagel





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This is controlled by the .desktop files included in the source distribution of fldigi and friends in the "data" directory and installed into /usr/local/share/applications. In these files the menu categories are given as "Network" and "HamRadio". "Network" is usually labeled as "Internet" in the menu, so that's where they go. There's usually no "HamRadio" category defined in the menu. In earlier times, when I installed from source I edited the .desktop files to remove "Network" and then edited the menu to create the "HamRadio" category into which they would then fall. If I didn't create the "HamRadio" category then they usually turned up in "Other", at least in Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Nowadays I don't bother and accept their location in "Internet".

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