Re: DRAWS™ Manager Demo #drawsmanager

Kevin K. - N7KJK

Sorry if this email is a little elementary from some readers.  It seems like we have a few folks out there not yet familiar with networking.  Hope this helps.

If everything is setup the http://localhost:8080 on the pi with any browser should work.

The challenge with seeing this web page from another computer will be you household network.  Without a server to provide name resolution (aka DNS) other computers won't be able to find the PI by name.

You can run the command  ifconfig  at the command prompt on your PI.  You're looking for the IP (inet) address of the wlan0 interface if you're using your home Wifi  (eth0 if you've plugged the PI into a switch or router) in my case  Other devices on the same wifi should beable to surf to that IP address (with the :8080 ).  Newer home routers will sometimes handle the details of multiple LANs automatically so a wired PC can find the PI without any manual setup. 

Some of these devices will also act as a DNS server.  
To test this verify the host name of the pi by typing the command  hostname at a terminal prompt on the PI.
Now try to surf to that URL.   In my case the hostname is N7KJKHost.    I tried http://n7kjkhost:8080..   To my surprise it worked.  My router/wifi AP, must be handling all the routing and name resolution stuff on it's own.

For those just starting out on this (PIs, and computers, and networks)  I would recommend a few minutes learning the basics of TCP/IP networking.  It will save you a bunch of grief to understand this.
I am a Windows PC and network systems engineer, but relatively new to working with PIs .  I look forward to learning from people in this group, and hope I can contribute from time to time. 


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