Re: +12V polarity? #12vsupply

Richard Waller <rewaller@...>

For what it’s worth, I just powered up my draws hat which is a relatively recent production ( I assume) because I received it last week. The Rpi received power from the hat and functioned normally. No smoke was released. I attached the 12 volt supply using the standard red black convention. Now the draws hat is a different matter altogether. Other than working as a buck converter , I couldn’t get it to do anything else. Rick Ka4ohm.

On Apr 6, 2019, at 4:15 PM, Loring Kutchins <lor.kutchins@...> wrote:

Now I’m concerned. I have not yet powered my DRAWS/Pi yet, and the post about “smoke” makes me want to wait until we get some clarification on the confusion. Labeling on the board obviously doesn’t exist. I bet there are a couple different board versions/batches, or plug+pigtails got assembled improperly. Please set us straight!

—Lor W3QA

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