Re: Brief Introduction and Some Generic Information #ft817 #din6 #audio

Basil Gunn

You can run your Raspberry Pi different ways. I believe you are running
yours with an attached screen or monitor. The window manager you are
using with your monitor provides an option for auto login.
menu -> Preferences -> Raspberry Pi configuration -> Auto login

You can also login to your Raspberry Pi over the network using a program
on another computer. On Windows the PuTTY program provides the ability
to run an SSH session ( from
your Windows machine to the Raspberry Pi. On other computers using MAC
OS or Linux this program is simply called ssh.

Because of this capability you can run your Raspberry Pi without a
monitor which is sometimes called headless.

If you are having problems & need to provide information to the forums
you can ssh into your Raspberry Pi and run debug programs from the
console & cut & paste the output to the forum or email using a computer
running email or a browser.

You can also setup your Raspberry Pi headless with a serial
console. Running ssh or the serial console usually requires you to login
when you start a new session. You can disable auto login when using a
monitor from the menu I described above that will require you to login
when you boot your Raspberry Pi.

google: raspberry pi auto login


Richard Waller via Groups.Io <> writes:

Forgive my density but it is not clear where this login process takes
place. When I booted my Rpi the first time using micro sd card with
nwcompass image it did ask for user and password. I used my first and
last name. When I boot up now there is no request for login or
password. Rick Ka4ohm.

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