Re: DRAWS™ and YAESU FTM-100 for analog and digital modes

Bernard f6bvp / ai7bg

Hi John,

Here my FTM-100DE is quite new and I just ran setalsa-default that made audio receive and transmit levels adequate.
For the moment I did not try any deviation measurements.

73 de Bernard f6bvp

Le 6 avr. 2019 à 18:22, John Spoonhower <jpspoonhower@...> a écrit :

I am curious about what are the audio level settings for this radio. Can you please post the results of ""?

On Sat, Apr 6, 2019 at 12:15 PM f6bvp <f6bvp@...> wrote:

I just want to report the successful use of
Data Cable, 10-pin mini-DIN to 6-pin mini-DIN, for FTM-400DR/FTM-100DR,
This lets you use DRAWS hat modem and Direwolf for AX.25 packet

FTM-100DE is an interesting mobile VHF/UHF FM rig that I am using at
home for 1200/9600 bauds AX.25 APRS application.
As a transition device it has both "analog" and new digital C4FM modes.
Data plug is a 10 pin mini DIN while UDRC II and DRAWS have mini DIN 6
plugs. This is the reason I had to use a compatible data cable.

Bernard, f6bvp

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