Re: DRAWS™ and YAESU FTM-100 for analog and digital modes

John Spoonhower

thanks for the update!
John, NX2I

On Tue, Apr 9, 2019 at 3:48 PM f6bvp <f6bvp@...> wrote:

I forgot to mention that transmitted signal used for level adjustment
was performed by either n7nix deviation measure deviation script or
using direwolf -t 0 -x


Le 09/04/2019 à 21:42, f6bvp a écrit :
> Hi John,
> I performed audio level adjustment for I found that FTM-100DE VHF
> transmitted signal from DRAWS modem was spreading around the TX frequency.
> After adjusment this is the result of :
>  ===== ALSA Controls for Radio Tansmit =====
> LO Driver Gain  L:[15.00dB]   R:[15.00dB]
> PCM           L:[-31.00dB]    R:[-31.00dB]
> DAC Playback PT       L:[PTM_P3]      R:[PTM_P3]
> LO Playback CM        [Full Chip CM]
>  ===== ALSA Controls for Radio Receive =====
> ADC Level     L:[0.00dB]      R:[-5.00dB]
> IN1           L:[Off]         R:[Off]
> IN2           L:[10 kOhm]     R:[10 kOhm]
> CM            L:[10 kOhm]     R:[10 kOhm]
> Here is how I proceeded for level adjustement using alsamixer.
> I have set a second yaesu device with a Raspberry Pi, UDRC II modem and
> audacity to listen to my packets.
> While recording the audio signal, I first changed LO driver gain in
> alsamixer.
> I then stepped down the PCM and then increased it again until the
> received signal did not increase any more.
> With above levels, the transmitted 1200 bauds FSK signal was clean and
> it was copied correctly by adjacent APRS repeater stations.
> On average received APRS frames are reported to have an audio level
> around 20. AFSK frames are perfectly decoded.
> 73 de Bernard, f6bvp
> p.s. there is a typo in first line of dump:
>      "Radio Tansmit =====" should be Radio Transmit =====
> Le 06/04/2019 à 18:22, John Spoonhower a écrit :
>> Bernard,
>> I am curious about what are the audio level settings for this radio. Can
>> you please post the results of ""?
>> 73,
>> John,
>> NX2I

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