Re: PiGate

Julie McGrew

Actually there are a number of issues that would make this a heavy lift.

First off, squirrelmail uses php 5 and is not Stretch friendly.  Also, that email client is now poorly supported.  PiGate 1.5 currently does not run on the new RPI 3 B+.  There are some recent issues with changes made by the WDT that Mark Griffith has been working on, but you would have to contact him for current status.

Not to be negative as I very much like PiGate and respect the hard work Mark has put into that project.  If fact, I’ve built several over the past couple years.  Just noting that it may be a more complex undertaking than seen at first “blush”.  :)

julie mcgrew

On Apr 9, 2019, at 4:02 PM, Gary KC3PO <kc3po@...> wrote:

All or most of the pieces seem to be there (haven't checked to see if SquirrelMail is there, but it can be added obviously)...

I'm mainly talking about the integration that was done... ideally, I'd like to run a setup script and fire up the hot spot, web server, mail server, etc and have it ready to roll. It's not rocket science for someone familiar with the pieces, but there would be some legwork and trial and error for someone to recreate the wheel.

- Gary  KC3PO

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