Re: PiGate

Basil Gunn

You can look at a list of programs that are installed on the DRAWS image

SquirrelMail is not there. I chose rainloop for the web based email

When you run ./ plu

paclink-unix postfix, dovecot, lighttpd, mutt, claws-mail & rainloop all get
installed. That gives you a choice of 3 email clients & a web based
interface to paclink-unix. If you want an RMS Gateway that can be
installed via scripts as well.

You need an Internet connection when you do this install and it helps if
you already have your Winlink password. Use this link to get a Winlink

I understand this needs a lot more documentation.
It was difficult to configure the gui email clients with a script so use
these notes for each gui email app:



THIS is not PiGate. You should talk to Mark Griffith if that is what you


Gary KC3PO <> writes:

All or most of the pieces seem to be there (haven't checked to see if
SquirrelMail is there, but it can be added obviously)...

I'm mainly talking about the integration that was done... ideally, I'd
like to run a setup script and fire up the hot spot, web server, mail
server, etc and have it ready to roll. It's not rocket science for
someone familiar with the pieces, but there would be some legwork and
trial and error for someone to recreate the wheel.

- Gary KC3PO

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