Re: xastir not passing GPS data via GPSD #draws #gpsd #xastir #config

Basil Gunn

Xastir & gpsd version 3.18.1 do NOT work.

Xastir never reports that the DRAWS gps is working when using Networked GPS
(via gpsd). I killed gpsd & tried the DRAWS serial interface to the gps
& that doesn't work either.

The DRAWS gps works well on YAAC using gpsd and other clients (cgps, gpsmon,
gpspipe) work with gpsd but like you I would prefer to
run Xastir. I suspect that the Xastir code is not parsing the gpsd
sentences properly. ie. search for "// Pre-2.90 GPSD protocol" & "//
Post-2.90 GPSD protocol" comments in the add_device() function in the interface.c
file. I uncommented the Post-2.90 code & built Xastir but got the same result.

There is an 'issue' posted to Xastir on github here:
Unable to get GPS data via GPSD #53

Curt, Tom do you want a DRAWS board so you can figure this out?
Is there something I can do?
DRAWS is a Raspberry Pi HAT that has the SkyTraq S1216F8-GL GNSS Module
on it.


Josh H. KB6FJ <> writes:

I'm beating my head against the wall with this issue.
I've done a fresh beta 11 build on a brand new sdcard and I'm still not able to get GPS data into xastir via GPSD.
YAAC gets the GPS data fine, but i don't like YAAC since maps are slow to load if they load at all.

Has anyone been successful with beta 11 with xastir and GPSD?
I've tried the bug reports and while I've had a couple responses there isn't a solution.

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