Re: xastir not passing GPS data via GPSD #draws #gpsd #xastir #config

Basil Gunn

Will the DRAWS image be updated with the working version of Xastir?
Yes. I will probably spin up yet another image to accommodate the new
Xastir build.

What must one do to update the version currently running on DRAWS?
Previously Xastir was installed from a Debian package. It is clear that
besides fixing a problem with parsing the DRAWS GPS sentences the latest
version of Xastir is a much better way to go. Xastir will be another ham
program that will be built from source and will be part of the script that I use to keep the image master up-to-date.

Thanks for your (rapid) research and help!
That should be directed at Tom Russo KM5VY.
Also I had some behind the scenes emails with Curt Mills WE7U that
helped clarify some things for me.

Edd - KD5M

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