Re: DRAWS + FT-891 + WSJT-X/FT8


What mode is your radio in? I'm just catching up on these threads this morning but i noticed if i left my radio in SSB (by mistake) it opened the mic on transmit and generated a feedback loop since i had the speaker on.

When i switch to data (long press on "BAND", select DATA) it works as it should. I too have not pulled pin 6 - and i'm not sure what that means - are you guys actually clipping pin 6 from the cable?)

So far i've adjusted my levels by turning on MON in the Function-1 menu and adjusting levels until the ALC appears reasonable. I've been getting out with FT8 quite well but have only been doing it for a few days, and not at QRP.

That's a pretty coarse grained audio setup i think but it's working ok for me right now.

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