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Bjorn Pehrson

Hi Rick,

I do have my Draws hat/Pi3+ up and running, and am in the process of exploring it, but right now using an FT8900 radio rather than the kx2, and I am receiving AX25 packets.. The reason is of course that this radio have the right connector so I could just use one of the cables that came with the Draws board and  postpone the hassel of interfacing the kx2 to the DIN connector......

I have not given up the kx2 though. In my junk box, I just found a DIN6 to 2*3.5mm audio plug converter cable and I am trying to find out which of the two connectors is audio in and which is audio out. I will try to use it together with the kxusb cable. I do not know if that will work yet, though. I will let you know when I have something to tell. If you beat me to it, let me now.



On 2019-04-14 17:26, Rick wrote:
Hello Bjorn

I now have my Draws board and also have a KX2 that I would like to interface to it.  Did you get yours running?  If so how did you interface the radio to Draws and the Pi?

Thanks for any advice.

Rick ve3mm

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