Re: HF Rig Recommendations #hf #draws


Hi Bjorn

Thanks for the encouragement. 

I made up a cable for the KX2.  I cut a mini-DIN -6 cable and a male to male 3.5 cable in half.  I soldered them to form a mini-Din-6 on one end and two male 3.5 plugs.  I only used the tips and shields on the 3.5 male plugs.  

I plugged the new cables into the DRAWS and KX2 and followed the setup instructions from Steve McGrane's latest video (thanks Steve) and the video from NW-Digital on Draws Manager. 
I also connected the USB cable from the KX2 to the RPi for CAT control.

Success with WSJT rx and tx.

KX2 Mic set at 2, KX2 audio set at 6
Draws Left Mini Din -6, AF pin 5 Analog Gain 7.5, Output to TX Analog Gain -6.00, Digital Gain -8.00

Let me know if this helps you.
Rick ve3mm  

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