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Tim Ciesluk

Look for something like a battery isolator to put between the RPi/DRAWS and the vehicle battery. West Mountain Radio makes one called ISOpwr but it’s a bit pricy. This setup should allow for automatic power-on with vehicle ignition. Then you could watch the sensor for the voltage drop and execute a safe shutdown script. Usually over 13.5 when running, falling below 12.6 when the motor stops. 

Tim - KU1G 

On Apr 15, 2019, at 7:41 PM, KC0NPF BJ <kc0npf@...> wrote:

Anyone automatically powering up/down (if that's possible) based on the 12v input sensor?  I'd like to have my pi sleep or power off at a configurable voltage so that it will never run the car battery down.  Ideally though I'd like it to power back up after the voltage comes up when the car is started.  I'm not opposed to pushing a button though :). 

Excited to get started with this thing.  I'm planning to mount my DRAWS in the car as a headless APRS and Winlink device, possibly controlled with a physical switch to change modes or, ideally, it would just respond appropriately based on packets received, or based on a schedule (disable aprs, check e-mail, re-enable aprs).  Soundcard modes should be available via VNC with a bit more manual input...  I'll also be following the info I found here for automatically connecting to wifi when available, or creating a hotspot when out and about so the connection is not a problem.

So far not interested in DMR/DSTAR/etc type modes, but that's on the radar :). 

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