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Just a suggestion, since I am sure you know how many DRAWS hats were presold, make enough in the special run to provide an Al case for each hat that is in the wild.



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To all of our DRAWS Early adopters:

I’m recovering well from the beating I’ve taken over the last day, thanks for asking.

The Problems:

First the easy one, Power Pigtail:

The board was designed with a power pigtail and Right Angle connector. The case allows for a better solution by using a 5.5 X 2.1 Socket which the pigtail solders to. You can then use standard cables used in other radios and POE IP Cameras to connect to 12V.

In order to keep the pigtail inside the case, new boards will have vertical connectors. For early boards you can either keep your existing power setup or bend the right angle (RA) connector vertical, which is what I’ve done in the photos. Note: some RA connectors have extended wings which you can snip off.

Now for the hard one:

In order to put the red top over the black base, you need to spread open the top and spring it over the GPS connector. This wasn’t too bad on the first prototypes, but after we went to a thicker aluminum (which is definitely better), it became even more difficult to do without permanently bending the top. This is a non-starter.

The right solution is to move the connector to the end, so it slides into the base. We have scrapped the remaining FABs and implemented this for the upcoming run …

… but that left all of you out in the cold (or acrylic if you prefer). Which as you have indicated, isn't how it was promoted.

What we are going to do:

By changing the opening for the connector from a hole to a horizontal slot, you can slide the top on from the end.

As for the discount, we were originally going to offer the $25 Case for $20 but even though this short run will cost more to produce, we’re discounting the cases further to $15.

Assuming this is acceptable to the majority of users, we’ll implement it this week and take orders thru the end of April. This is a one time manufacturing run as a thank you to our early adopters.  We will manufacture only as many units as we have orders for, so be sure to place your order promptly.

Thanks for your understanding,
Bryan K7UDR

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