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Jack Spitznagel


I know it is hard to keep track of all the early experiments folks have done with different radios. I have worked with the IC-7000 since the first BETA's and have sent you my setup and settings files multiple times. I have never solved the problems I see here with the IC-7000.

Before you ask: The IC-7000 works properly with other sound sources. I can connect a USB SignaLink to the same RPi as DRAWS is mounted on, connect the SLUSB to the IC-7000, adjust the output and input levels, and run an fldigi or wsjt-x QSO at 30 - 40 W with minimal ALC reading.

What I have done so far several times:
Each time I test the DRAWS hat, I start with your suggested settings from the GitHub files. The "" script sets them like the attached JPG and ALSA setting output files show. I reset to these levels each after making any unsuccessful test adjustments so I start back at the same point each time.

Please note: the settings work fine when the IC-7000 is in FM mode for packet or for testing a modulated carrier *on any band*. Xastir/Direwolf therefore works for me.

In USB or LSB mode *on any band*, DRAWS and the IC-7000 will not "play nicely" with each other. At the settings in the attached files, there is no detectable tone when I listen on another receiver (but there is a lot of digital hash noise). I can "force" the rig output up to about a watt by jacking up the DRAWS analog and digital gains to absurdly high levels (+12 Analog +20 Digital). At these levels I can hear a reasonable sounding tone on the second receiver which can be decoded... but it is very low power.

FLDIGI and WSJT-X are basically pretty unusable at these low power levels. I have attempted to use ALSAmixer and/or John's control panel to find the correct drive levels without success.

My conclusions: using DRAWS, fldigi and wsjt-x will not transmit at normal power levels in sideband on the IC-7000. The rig will transmit at normal power levels in FM with the DRAWS hat.

I have also tested my FT 817 which works in DIG mode with the appropriate settings using either DRAWS or the SignaLink - but that is not the "target radio" in my application. I need a 100W HF class field radio with 2M and 440...

Happy to look at this again methodically - just let me know what files to send you.

Jack Spitznagel

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Read ALSA settings for IC-7000

Read ALSA Controls for setting levels

Jack Spitznagel <> writes:

While I have not made a cable for the 7300 because I don’t need DRAWS
for it, I have a similar issue going with the IC-7000 (and tried with
the IC-7100 with same result).

Early Betas, using FLDIGI and WSJT-X would overdrive the IC-7000
(using high ALC reading as a metric). Then using ALSAmixer, reducing
the DRAWS output would drop the signal into device hash noise level
before the ALC came down to an acceptable level.

In recent Betas – iirc after Beta 8, the audio is so low that I can’t
turn it up high enough to drive the 7000 or 7100 up to power in HF.

Strangely enough with Xastir/Direwolf, the DRAWS provides sufficient
drive. Not exactly sure why this started happening, but glad to see
that I am not alone.


Jack Spitznagel

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I recently tried my draws with accessory cable connected to the rear of my IC-7300. Unable to get useful transmit audio to the pi. Receive works fine. Transmit is barely audible with all controls maxes out here too.

On Apr 28, 2019, at 11:19 AM, John T Haworth < <> > wrote:

Thanks for the link. I am getting audio to the radio, however, I have all transmit gains maxed out:


I also have the mic-gain on the KX3 maxed-out at 80. What else can be tried?


J Spitznagel
Science River LLC

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