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Jack Spitznagel

Hi Basil,

Thanks for looking at what I sent. I have a crazy week ahead, but will try to methodically pick through all pieces you suggest below and send output from the right utility scripts when I have it.

My IC-7000 is one of the earlier production models, so the documentation is the old ICOM "fat" manual style and is indexed but organized somewhat haphazardly. I will download a more recent PDF version so I can search it.

Jack Spitznagel

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While I can see what configuration you are using for the DRAWS card I don't have any visibility into how you have your IC-7000 setup.

The documentation that I have is what worked for me. Initially I was over driving the input into the radio. That's why I set the DAC Right/Left Playback Power Tune to the lowest value PTM_P1

The symptom you are having suggests you should change that back to default, PTM_P3. Have you checked your mike gain?
What are you setting your transmit pass band to?

The IC-7000 manual gives the transmit audio level required:

0.4 Vp-p (0.2 Vrms): recommended level
0.2–0.5 Vp-p (0.1–0.25 Vrms): acceptable level

Have you measured that?
Use John's control panel or Bryan's spreadsheet to determine what your settings should be based on the transmit audio level requirements from the IC-7000 manual page 116.

If you need to generate a calibration tone:
The script lives in this directory: n7nix/deviation

The FLdigi mode I successfully used was Olivia 8/500.

When sending you configuration I prefer the console output of


I know it is hard to keep track of all the early experiments folks
have done with different radios.
What I'm missing is the configuration of the radio and in the case of the IC-7000 both the HF & VHF/UHF radios.


J Spitznagel
Science River LLC

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