Re: YAAC beacons #configuration

Basil Gunn

If you used the install scripts then Direwolf will be set up correctly.
Left mDin6 connector, channel 0, uses GPIO 12 for PTT
Right mDin6 connector, channel 1, uses GPIO 23 for PTT

Direwolf counts their channels from 0 (ports 0,1), Xastir counts their
channels from 1 (ports 1,2). Not sure how YACC counts their channels.

If you continue to have problems I suggest you use the script in directory n7nix/deviation to easily
transmit a tone out each channel.

If you want to test sending a beacon use the script in

~/n7nix/debug $ ./ -h
*** Running as user: pi ***
Usage: [-P <port>][-s <num>][-p][-m][-v][-h]
-P <portname> | --portname <portname> eg. udr0
-s <num> | --sid <num> set sid in callsign, number 0-15
-p | --position send a position beacon
-m | --message send a message beacon (default)
-v | --verbose display verbose messages
-h | --help display this message


Tim Huffaker <> writes:

I am running the latest release with YACC. I am receiving packets from
APRS beacons but I cannot beacon. YAAC is sending out beacons but the
radio does not transmitting. It appears YAAC is working correctly but
it is looking like direwolf is not keying the radio. How does the
DRAWs board key the radio? Can direwolf keep YAAC from beaconing?


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