Re: YAAC Port Settings #yaac #xastir

Basil Gunn

I have some Xastir configuration notes here:

The "Configure interfaces" section will be useful for you.

These notes were written for a UDRC II but the BETA images have a lot of things
already setup.
If you are using a Beta image:
- Latest version of Xastir (V2.1.1) is already installed
- RPi audio is already enabled
- Xastir sounds are already downloaded
- Direwolf is already configured.
You should be able to run it and start configuration.

The Xastir documentation is very good:

I do not have any notes on YAAC which means I didn't have any problems
with the initial configuration.

Both programs require running ax25-start as root.
This starts direwolf using systemd service files.
You only have to do this once unless you run ax25-stop to facilitate
running HF digital programs.

/Basil n7nix

Tim Sperry via Groups.Io <> writes:

What are the proper port settings to use when setting up the DRAWS Hat with YAAC?
I have everything working fine between the DRAWS Hat and my FT-891 using WSJT-X and FLDIGI with AX25-stop
Now I think I need to start AX25 to use YAAC or XASTIR
Is there the needed information in this group to set up either or of these with the Hat?

Tim - AG6RS

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