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Jack Spitznagel



I do this all the time.


You should not need to touch your ALSAmixer sound settings.


You do need to go back to the “Getting Started Wiki” at and carefully work through the section on using ax25/DireWolf.


Two important points:

When you want to switch to YAAC (or XASTIR) on DireWolf you need to open a terminal window and do the following as described in the “Getting Started Wiki”:

cd ~/bin

# Become root

sudo su



This will enable ax25 and Direwolf… Direwolf will continue to run on boot up so to go back to fldigi or wsjt-x, you need to do the following in a terminal window:

cd bin
# Become root
sudo su


Hope this helps get you going the right direction.



Jack Spitznagel






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Subject: [udrc] YAAC Port Settings #yaac #xastir


What are the proper port settings to use when setting up the DRAWS Hat with YAAC?
I have everything working fine between the DRAWS Hat and my FT-891 using WSJT-X and FLDIGI with AX25-stop
Now I think I need to start AX25 to use YAAC or XASTIR
Is there the needed information in this group to set up either or of these with the Hat?

Tim - AG6RS

J Spitznagel
Science River LLC

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