Updates, lots of question for beta 13!

Art - KC7SDA

Ok, so I FINALLY got some time to sit and go over beta 13, and man a lot has changed! I'm going to have to do a lot of work fixing my update/install scripts to go 'inline' with what is currently out!

I do have a few notes and questions that I'd like to pass along:

for the draws manager:
- please change the default so that it will ONLY listen to local host. its a huge security deal and most people are treating this as a mostly 'turnkey' application, a page in the manager can be made to tell people how to change it so the network can see it
- for the radio presets: where are those stored and how can we add our own? a great feature would be to save our settings (external file maybe?) and import them into the manager (any updates that reset the manager can be simply fixed with an export done previously)

will there be an included pdf with future images that outlines configurations for new installs? I'm finding the information quite varied and spread out along with some outdated or incorrect posts that come up in the search, a more centralized 'authority' document would be nice to have distributed. also including common directories (ie the source folder, icon folders, common scripts and setup procedures would be very handy to have).

lastly: is there a way to find the PTP voltage input for any given radio if its not listed in the manual? I have an ic-706mii now and it doesn't list the ptp input (I just looked up my ic-718 and it doesn't say it either)... what about the voltage listed for the acc sockets on both rigs (icom lists it as the modulator input)? they say 100mv rms which would come out to 141.4 mv when you convert it.

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