Re: Updates, lots of question for beta 13!

Art - KC7SDA

well sadly it isn't the same, i re-read the manual the the closest thing they have is the rtty operation, they barely touch on the digital aspect (though I think thats because the rig was made in 2000), so I'll just have to play around with it some.

Also I realize that its getting into the 'busy time' of the year for most people (especially you guys), the stuff I mentioned was only meant as a 'consider adding it to the to-do list/do it whenever you are working on it', I have a lot on my plate trying to setup my new station and build my mast and get stuff situated again so I completely understand as I need to make new scripts and update everything to ready it for field day.

and the only reason i suggested pdf is that you can print pretty much anything to it (pdfcreator for windows platforms and a bunch of options for linux) and you can simply drop it not only on the web but on the desktop for quick reference. people could even load it onto their tablet or phone (or other computer) to quickly look at it. Again this is just a 'I wish i had this documented somewhere centralized' just about every time I go to work on this especially since i keep hitting the same issues with people time after time.

oh, one last question: when i click the 'save audio settings' button and it pops up 'localhost:8080 says sudo alsactl store' does that mean it did it or do i have to type that into the terminal? i tired the gpsd stop/restart and it appears to do it.

thanks again for everyone's hard work on this! I'm loving where this is going!

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